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01 January, 2009

Advertise on Backwoods Survival Blog!

Updated November 2014

It is an exciting time here at Backwoods Survival Blog. Our regular readership has been growing steadily and I'm pleased to announce that we have now entered into a phase where we are ready to accept contracts for our advertising space. These paid ads will receive prominence over affiliate advertisers both via their placement on the blog page itself as well as through the articles that appear as blog content.

The following represents our current rates, but please be advised that they will likely increase as we continue to grow our readership. If rates were to rise during your contract period, you will of course not be effected until time to renew your contract. Also, our rates will always be comparable to other sites with comparable readership.

The regular rates are:

$450 per year
$270 per 6 months
$140 per 3 months
$50 per month

We are willing to accommodate most graphic sizes with the caveat that our layout only allows for a width of only approximately 170 pixels; graphic height is negotiable, but should usually be roughly square to fall exactly within the above pricing. If you already have a graphic that doesn't fall exactly into that description, however, and require special pricing, just let me know and we'll work up a special rate for you.

Also, if you are willing to pay for a full year, we can place any virtually any height advertisement for a deeply discounted rate. Contact me if you are interested. I promise I'll make you a good deal.

Please contact me for details and availability.


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