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21 February, 2009

Another Letter Re: What a bunch of BS!

"Just for perspective’s sake, if the total stimulus package was 700 billion and we got 700k that turns out to be one millionth of one percent for the state.

Also, that list was a tad misleading in that they listed “shovels-in-the-ground” projects; i.e. things that the Mayors of the state said “YES! If we had xxx amount of dollars this instant we would be able to commence blah blah project within 24 hours of getting that cash infusion.”

So it was the Mayors of WV, and their lack of submissions at the 2008 US Conference of Mayors that left us with this paltry sum." --
Uncle Mikey in WV

My Response: That's an interesting point that I, for one, was not aware. I, like most people I'd imagine, thought that the lion's share of the blame lay at the feet of our congressional representatives. To be honest, most of these little towns are completely unincorporated and fall under the purview of the counties, so that would explain things a little better.

I would love to get some folks together and band a couple of these little towns around here together and incorporate them, so that we could actually get a chance to join the current century and enjoy some municipal services for once. People around here are so disenfranchised, though, that I doubt it would ever be possible.

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