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28 February, 2009

Loading up on guns and ammo with no "real" preps...

I read a great post over at the West Virginia Prepper's Network on this subject that I agree with wholeheartedly and thought it was an idea worth expanding upon. First, a disclaimer: I will admit to buying a single, fairly inexpensive handgun and a single box of cartridges for it before embarking on my other more sensible preparations. I had myself convinced it might be foolhearty to spend money month-by-month to build a food storage program, acquire a generator and the fuel to run it, install a battery bank and solar/wind power (still on the list for the future), et cetera, with no way to defend any of it if the 'stuff' ever really does 'hit the fan'.

But, the disturbing trend we're seeing now is that people, wary of the almost-assured attacks that are forthcoming against American's 2nd Amendment rights, are spending thousands of dollars on assault rifles and tens of thousands of rounds of ammo, many without setting aside a single can of beans or rice or even spaghetti-o's. Not only is this, in my opinion, a foolish (and probably ultimately doomed) proposition, but it is possible that it might even represent a clear and present danger to those of us who have prepped more responsibly. We are all aware that the veneer of polite society is all-too-easily torn away in times of crisis and that is why the reactionary behavior of these folks makes me very nervous.

How long would it take in a really bad scenario before hunger turned these sheep into wolves?

1 comment:

  1. JC
    Saw your comment on this subject at the WV preppers network. Very wise decision on the purchase of the insurance policy or lead slinger. If you have no way to fend of the unwanted your SOL if anyone trys to take what you have worked hard to put back for your family. nitewalker comes up with some real good post that make you use your brain.As he said in his post you need to be well rounded in your preps, not dumping money all in one area of the bigger picture. I like your site by the way and I am now going to check out the free e book allways love it when people pass on info that is free.
    God Bless from the hills of Wild and Wonderful West Virgina


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