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21 March, 2009

Engineered Collapse?

Let me begin this article by saying that I love conspiracy theories. They're great, always interesting and usually too outlandish to even possibly be true. I read them.I enjoy them. I do not usually believe them.

Oddly, though, something has been nagging at me these past few weeks. I see the moves being made by the powers that be ostensibly in an effort to quell the current economic crises and it seems like, at nearly every turn, the choices made seem to me to be the wrong ones. No, scratch that. It isn't just that they're making choices I don't agree with; it's that they seem to be taking the worst possible path of all those afforded to them.

If their main goal was to purposely destroy the dollar, they couldn't possibly do a better job of it than they're doing right now. So, we must ask ourselves why anyone would do such a thing on purpose. Should you choose, it would be all too easy to tie this to a New World Order conspiracy theory, as crashing the dollar and having it replaced by a common world currency would be a big step in that direction. To my mind, though, there may be other issues involved.

First, be aware that many reputable sources are now in virtual agreement that Global Peak Oil occurred in 2008.

"World oil production peaked in 2008 at 81.73 million barrels/day (mbd). This oil definition includes crude oil, lease condensate, oil sands and natural gas plant liquids. If natural gas plant liquids are excluded, then the production peak remains in 2008 but at 73.79 million barrels per day. However, if oil sands are also excluded then crude oil and lease condensate production peaked in 2005 at 72.75 mbd."
(Image and quote source: http://www.theoildrum.com/node/5177)

It has long been talked about amidst folks who discuss Peak Oil Theory that the only way to slow the ever-growing demand for oil is through the concept of demand destruction. Now, an argument could be made that the current low price of oil doesn't fit the model for the demand destruction argument.I disagree, however, because it is precisely the extreme drop in overall demand due to the economic crisis that is responsible for keeping the prices low.

So, could it be that the economic problems were engineered as a means to stave off the worst of the Peak Oil crisis and buy us some time? Probably not. But it makes for an interesting thought.

In closing, let me leave you with this view of what we may have in store for us:


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