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01 March, 2009

Free E-Book: "Lights Out" by David Crawford

**UPDATED**: I recently received an email from a reader attempting to download the free e-book and unable to do so. A Google search yielded that the sites who hosted the file were asked to remove it by the author because he has published a print version and is shopping it to Hollywood feature film studios.

If you want to read this awesome novel, you may purchase it at the following links:

"Lights Out" by David Crawford or the less expensive Kindle edition .

Please read my review.

Found another oldy but goody hiding in my favorites. Here is a freeware e-novel called "Lights Out" written by David Crawford (who goes by the internet handle "Halffast").

It details an America that is drastically changed by a terrorist EMP attack and how some folks in Texas make a go of it as a community. It's a pretty decent story, if you ask me, and who doesn't like free entertainment.




  1. I am unable to download the free ebook Lights Out.

  2. I searched for a download and only found 3/4 of the book.

    If you download, I warn you. The need to know the ending will make you willingly surrender your money and buy it. Kindle is $7.99.

  3. I read this when he first put it up, it wasn't all that interesting and wasn't all that good. The ending scene of standing your ground against bikers on a bit of a bridge way was horrible. Save your money and don't bother with it.

    You learn absolutely nothing of any sort of survival. It's like One Second After.


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