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05 March, 2009

Letter Re: Hillbilly No More?

"I wish, for once, that the media would focus not on the toothless Mt. Dew guzzlers with a mouth full of snuff, but on those of us who are college educated, have running water and indoor plumbing and are proudly in possession of all of our real teeth. We aren't that hard to find; in my opinion, we are even easier to find than those toothless inbreds that the media is so fond of." -- Amanda in West Virginia

My Response: I agree completely. It has always been almost like some morbid fascination that people have about so-called 'hillbillies' and the mainstream media (vultures that they are) and entertainment industry have been all-too-willing to oblige the seething masses. It all goes back to the same shameful part of human nature that makes some folks want to watch the "Faces of Death" videos and ogle crime scenes.

They feed people movies like "Wrong Turn" and endless jokes about "Deliverance" (which was set in Georgia, by the way, jackasses) and we are forever a maligned people. Just a few years ago, there was a big ol' dust-up about a reality show that was going to be like the real "Beverly Hillbillies;" they were planning to take the biggest rubes they could find and stick them in a swanky mansion and trust that the hilarity would then ensue. Activists complained and they thankfully cancelled the project before it ever saw the light of day. I will say that the "20/20" Special that aired a few weeks back tried to be more balanced than most, but who knows if we'll ever manage to shake the stereotypes.


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