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05 March, 2009

Search Engine (Google) Visibility for 3.5.09

I was curious today as to where the blog was appearing in the search rankings and got a pleasant surprise. Utilizing the search string "backwoods electricity" we came up on the second page, but in searches for "20 20 special on kentucky abc" we were the 7th result from the top on the very 1st page!

Not exactly the best possible results from the standpoint of our emergency preparedness subject matter (that's the holy grail there to be near the top for that kind of search), but I'm pretty excited to be getting results so quickly. The difference, by the way, is also evident in the number of unique visitors we are receiving every day - each day is higher than the one previous and I'm even seeing clicks on some of the ads for the first time. It's very exciting.

With any luck, things will continue on the current positive path. In the meantime, please help me get the word out. Email our links to your prepper friends and talk about the blog on any forums or bulletin boards you visit. For that matter, I'm sure everyone knows someone who would take an interest in any of our political, gardening, homesteading, etc. articles as well, so please forward them around. Even the smallest exposure will help and maybe together we can help educate more people about the importance of emergency preparedness and generally being prepared in the event of a disaster or whatever else life might throw at us. A self-sufficient life is a rewarding life - share it with others.



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