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24 May, 2009

H1N1 Influenza A - Mexican Swine Flu: 24 May Brief Update

I haven't seen any significant news regarding the flu lately, but I wanted to point you toward a few links you might find interesting and update the numbers since I skipped doing that yesterday.

Laboratory confirmed cases now stand at 12,495, well over a thousand more than the ending count of 11,191 from about 48 hours ago. Fatalities now number 92, up from 87 previously. There remain an additional 101 deaths that are listed as "suspected," but are still yet to be officially confirmed. The number of suspected cases are no longer being reported in many instances. (source)

Check out these flu-related links:

Flutracker Map: Tracking the progress of H1N1 swine flu

Researchers: Swine Flu Genes Swirled for Decades Undetected

Some Older People May Be Immune to Swine Flu

The history of the synthetic H1N1 flu virus and a not-so-rosy future By Wayne Madsen (Be advised, that one's pretty tinfoily)


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