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09 May, 2009

H1N1 Influenza A - Mexican Swine Flu: A Short Update And Some Videos For You

All I have on the H1N1 Influenza A - Mexican Swine Flu outbreak tonight is a brief update on the current numbers and a video presentation from the BBC that you should find enlightening. The media seems to have fallen asleep on the story and so it was a rather slow news day, but I'm currently doing research for another full-length article.

For the record, I am now less concerned as to the threat currently posed by this wave of the bug as I am with tracking the disease's progression in the southern hemisphere over the coming weeks and months. They are just entering flu season down there.

Lab confirmed cases currently stand at 4,033 (up from yesterday's ending number of 3,082 - 1,786 just three days ago) and two additional fatalities, raising the total from 46 up to 48. An additional 100 fatalities are still listed as "suspected," but are yet to be officially confirmed. The number of suspected cases decreased by another considerable margin; it stands at 1,200+ with 301 considered "probable" cases. The official WHO numbers don't match these, but I'm using these totals because they include cases that were self-reported by the states and have been, for whatever reason, excluded from the official WHO numbers. (source)

Enjoy the videos below. They are very informative.


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