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22 May, 2009

H1N1 Influenza A - Mexican Swine Flu: The Dangers of Muddling The Truth

I was thinking of the issue with the news "satire" site and the erroneous reports of huge swine flu outbreaks in Japan, and it occurred to me that things like this are bound to happen in an environment where people know, instinctively, that they aren't being told the whole story.

Bear with me.

What I'm referring to, specifically, are things like the authorities waffling back and forth about the meaning of "community spread" with reference to whether or not to declare this a full-blown pandemic the way ol' Slick Willy did with the definition of "sex" during the Monica Lewinsky scandal; and, the fact that virtually every flu-related death is being presented as having been solely the result of the patient's pre-existing "underlying health conditions." The latter, of course, being an obvious attempt to quell any thought that just maybe it could be dangerous to you should you catch the virus by making it sound as though these were people already in a weakened state, suffering from exotic illnesses you don't have. The problem is that the plan goes all to hell when the folks research the truth and discover that the so-called "underlying health conditions" are actually often things like gout that millions of people have.

So now, having been lied to, they flock to the internet for their news. The internet is a hotbed of information on every topic known to man, the only problem being that all of the information is not good. Thus, you get situations like the one involving Japan and the flu.

What can you do?

Laboratory confirmed cases now stand at 11,191, nearly a thousand more than the ending count of 10,380 from about 48 hours ago. Fatalities now number 87, up from 82 previously. There remain an additional 101 deaths that are listed as "suspected," but are still yet to be officially confirmed. The number of suspected cases are no longer being reported in many instances. (source)


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