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08 May, 2009

James Howard Kunstler: The Bottom

A quote from his most recent blog entry:

"The revolving credit economy is over. It's over because we can't increase energy inputs to the system, which is one way of saying "peak oil." Of course hardly anybody believes this right now because the price of oil crashed nine months ago, along with global manufacturing and trade. But nothing has changed on the peak oil scene -- except perhaps that ever more new oil projects have been canceled for lack of financing, which will boomerang on us (even if swine flu doesn't) in the form of much lower future oil production. In any case, the credit fiesta is over, and the "consumer" economy with it, because industrial growth as we have known it is over."

Kunstler is a rock star in the Peak Oil community but even if you're not a believer, I would still recommend that anyone interested in emergency preparedness, survivalism, and self-sufficiency should read both of his books linked below. His basic premise fits pretty well with any of the various collapse scenarios: that we need to adjust a more sustainable form of life if we expect society to survive.

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