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06 June, 2009

The Next Big Thing: Neomedievalism

The author of this article argues that we're heading toward a future that shares a great many things in common with the distant Middle Ages "when city-states mattered as much as countries."

Further, he says "The fragmentation of societies from within is clear: From Bogotá to Bangalore, gated communities with private security are on the rise.

"This diffuse, fractured world will be run more by cities and city-states than countries. Once, Venice and Bruges formed an axis that spurred commercial expansion across Eurasia. Today, just 40 city-regions account for two thirds of the world economy and 90 percent of its innovation."

This article is clearly written from an economic standpoint, but I find it interesting because people in survivalist circles have long talked about a sort of pseudo-medieval feudalism rising out of a collapse scenario. In my opinion, however, I can only see that being a possibility in an absolute and total societal collapse.

With reference to economics, however, this is intriguing. I suppose I could see it.


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