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26 July, 2009

H1N1 Influenza A - Mexican Swine Flu: 26 July Brief Update

As numerous sources have reported, it appears the spread of the virus has finally begun to slow down. Funny that that's being counted as a victory, when all it really means is instead of disappearing at the beginning of the warmer months as seasonal flu does, A(H1N1) has held on so long that it will still be with us when flu season hits again and it has the opportunity to explode even worse.

Should be a fun Fall/Winter.

Laboratory confirmed cases now stand at 161,933, a 20% increase over the ending count of 135,040 one week ago. Here's a breakdown of the up-to-date statistics:

26 July - 161,933 cases - 1,108 fatalities
19 July - 135,040 cases - 860 fatalities
12 July - 114,249 cases - 611-617 fatalities
5 July - ? - ?
28 June - 70,873 cases - 344 fatalities
21 June - 51,360 cases - 253 fatalities
14 June - 35,538 cases - 180 fatalities
7 June - 24,973 cases - 149 fatalities
31 May - 17,822 cases - 119 fatalities
24 May - 12,495 cases - 92 fatalities

There are now 1,108 confirmed deaths from the virus. That is roughly a 29% increase over the deaths being reported last week. (source)


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