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29 July, 2009

Project Lucifer & The Coming 2nd Sun

Okay, so I thought I had heard it all, but I guess I was wrong. Apparently, the newest in the long list of nefarious plans thought up by the evil 'them' that consistently serves as the villain in these types of conspiracy theories has been discovered by the crack team of internet investigators.

The plan: to cause a chain reaction within the gases that comprise Saturn that results in the planet achieving nuclear fission, imploding and thereby creating a new star in our solar system. Apparently, it was due to occur in 2008, but then NASA chose to extend the mission of the Cassini spacecraft an extra 2 years until 2010. Supposedly, it is the Cassini spacecraft that will impact on Saturn with its plutonium payload to create the massive explosion that they believe will trigger fission. This is nearly identical to what is seen occurring with Jupiter in the film 2010, nevermind that physics tells us it isn't really possible. Somehow, the Silver Surfer even gets involved at one point. It's fabulous.

I include this ridiculousness here on the blog as entertainment only. And, entertaining it is! Plus, there's a nice tie-in to the article above with respect to the stuff about the black spot on Jupiter. Check it out:




1 comment:

  1. Good job... you might want to take a peek at my site... this 2012 movie depicts all scripture teaches regarding what comes.... Lord bless, Avenueoflight



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