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14 August, 2009

Commercially-Available Solar Still, Make Fresh Drinking Water From Even Dirty Sources

I've been on the lookout for quite awhile for a commercially-available "right out of the box" solar still for making fresh drinking water during times when the only water one can get their hands on is contaminated, such as during floods. Enter the Panel Jungle Boss from SEA Technology.

Now, before anyone even says it: I know you can accomplish similar results by building a DIY version for a fraction of the cost, but I wanted to throw this out there for the folks who are less handy and prefer a professionally-fabricated product.

Also, be advised that such a still does NOT produce copious amounts of water. According to the site linked above, "Jungle Boss will provide between one and four liters per day of pure distilled water. (The output depends on your location, latitude, and how well you can find a spot with lots of sunlight.)" So, we're talking a minimum survival supply in an emergency preparedness scenario.


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