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29 August, 2009

Letter Re: "The Climate Change Climate Change: The Number of Skeptics is Swelling Everywhere"

A reader who asked to remain anonymous wrote:

"The premise that increasing CO2 emissions (human caused or natural) lead to increased global warming is built on a cause-and-effect falsehood. The actual research and historical records shows -- that increasing levels of CO2 in the atmosphere does not precede increasing global temperatures, but instead, the cause-and-effect relationship is exactly the opposite, that is, CO2 levels increase after increased global temperatures, not before. Start reading here for an illustration of the beginning deceptions behind the myth of man caused global climate warming. This link offers an honest, objective analysis, although it does not mention or document the falsity of the causal relationship. You can find that by further research. Here's more: here and here.

Please make up your own mind, don't let me or anyone else do it for you. Best."

SM's Response: As I said previously, I am decidedly on the fence. As such, I would say that my blog is probably one of the few places on the internet where you will find information supporting both sides of the argument. But, the truth is that the entirety of human existence spans such a finite portion of the life of this world, and documented history an even more finite span, that I have real doubts as to our ability (as a species) to even be able to answer these kinds of questions... much less to simply trust that we're getting it right. The bottom line is that this planet was making weather long before the earliest days of mankind and it will likely be doing so long after we are a dim memory. To think we know it all is hubris.


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