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12 December, 2009

FEMA Suggests Citizens Give Emergency Preparedness & Survivalist-Themed Christmas Gifts This Year

You have no idea how often I have considered doing just as the below-linked article suggests. Actually, I suppose I technically already have as last year I drew my cousin's name (the adults in my family all draw names and then we all buy for the kids) and I bought him a decent mid-range priced multi-tool on Ebay (we have a $25 limit as well). So, I guess that alone proves I endorse the idea they are suggesting.


U.S. agency suggests Christmas gifts for the disaster age - Yahoo! News: "Imagine tearing open that large present under the Christmas tree with your name on it and finding inside... a fire extinguisher.

Or a foldable ladder.

Or a smoke alarm in that smaller box.

Those, plus a home disaster kit including food, water and prescription medications for 72 hours, or a first aid certification course are just some of the gifts that the US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is suggesting Americans give their loved ones this holiday season.

'Giving a gift of a fire extinguisher might not be the first thing that springs to mind, but for the guy who has everything, it might be perfect,' FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate told AFP..."


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  1. one has to wonder what they know?


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