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14 December, 2009

Knife With 3 Inch Blade Lands Man In Prison

What in the hell is going on in Jolly Ol' England when a Batman pocketknife with 3 inch blades (which sounds very much like something I might have gotten as a birthday gift as a child) can land a guy a 4 month stint in prison? Stiff upper lip indeed...


Batman knife lands man in prison: "... David Owen, prosecuting, said that Rushworth was stopped by police in Bag Lane, Atherton, and when searched the weapon, which had three-inch blades, was found in his pocket. When questioned he said he was carrying it for his own protection.

Ben Jones, defending, said that Rushworth is an immature young man who had no intention of using the 'fearsome' knife, which had a Batman logo. He had it with him in a moment of foolishness.

He had the knife for more than a year having bought it as a souvenir of the Batman film..."


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