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23 December, 2009

Winter Storm Approaching [ AGAIN ]

My apologies for not getting today's articles up in the AM, as is my custom. I have been feeling a bit under the weather, and I was in no shape last night to do anything other than veg-out in front of the tube.

Once again, today we find ourselves prepping for winter weather. Today was the first day we got the Explorer dug out and off the hill from the previous storm, and now they're saying we're in for freezing rain/sleet for two straight days and then snow showers for three days after that. Only 2-4 inches, but on top of what we already have...

We have plenty of firewood, thankfully. Tomorrow in the AM we'll top off the kerosene tanks and make a cursory Wally World excursion, then hole up for a few more days.


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