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31 October, 2009

Newspaper Prints Letter Advocating Killing Hunters - NSSF: Aiming for Accuracy

Newspaper Prints Letter Advocating Killing Hunters - NSSF: Aiming for Accuracy: "Shameful is the word that comes to mind for the Burlington Free Press and its decision to print a reader's anti-hunting letter, 'Take a few hunters along with the moose,' that was written in response to the Vermont paper's story about the opening of moose hunting season.

The letter was placed in the newspaper's online letters section as well and has now been taken down after responses from outraged readers. Hunters and non-hunters alike should chastise the paper for its decision to run the letter, and take the opportunity to educate readers about the role hunting plays in wildlife management. It would be nice to see Vermont's fish and wildlife department weigh in, explaining that trained wildlife biologists determine how to best maintain the state's moose population..."


30 October, 2009

Have We Reached Peak Oil? EIA Official Admits It Is "Quite Plausible"

Have We Reached Peak Oil? -- Seeking Alpha: "... Publicly, the EIA argues that Peak Oil is 'decades away'. In one presentation they even gave the date of 2044 for conventional Peak Oil. An assumption many will find optimistic at best. Indeed, according to the US Joint Forces Command, 'By 2012, surplus oil production capacity could entirely disappear, and as early as 2015, the shortfall in output could reach nearly 10 MBD… The implications for future conflict are ominous...'

Stephen Harvey, the Director of the Oil and Gas Office at EIA, who supervises the Petroleum Division and the Reserves & Production Division kindly accepted to read my degree’s dissertation (How Peak Oil will Affect international Relations) and give his feedback. In his email answer (that was not off the record), he declared that:

'There are many compelling arguments regarding the increased difficulty in reaching oil reserves which may well result in a future view of historical production that looks sort of like a bell curve. And, it is quite plausible that the peak of that curve is around now'..."


"Massive" Magma Pool Rivaling the Yellowstone Supervolcano May Link Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams — and even Mt. Rainier As One Giant System

I included this article in today's blog updates, but please don't just take it at face value as the title may be a little misleading. They aren't necessarily saying it is anything like a Supervolcano, just comparing the relative sizes of the magma chambers; and, besides, it seem as though many of his contemporaries think he's wrong anyway.


"Massive" Magma Pool Rivaling the Yellowstone Supervolcano May Link Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams — and even Mt. Rainier As One Giant System In The Cascades | Seattle Times Newspaper: "... Scientists... have long held that Mounts Rainier, Baker and their snow-capped sisters don't really communicate in a geologic sense.

Now, a group of researchers say they've found evidence that some of the explosive peaks are connected via a massive body of partially-molten rock that stretches between Mount St. Helens, Mount Adams and Mount Rainier.

If they're right, the magma chamber would be one of the biggest ever discovered, on a par with the pool of molten rock that underlies the Yellowstone basin. But the presence of a large magma chamber under the Cascades wouldn't mean the region is sitting atop a 'supervolcano' like the one that blew Wyoming sky high in the distant past..."


28 October, 2009

Asteroid Explosion Over Indonesia Raises Fears About Earth's Defenses

Following the report from earlier this month of a near-miss flyby of a small asteroid which was discovered barely a day away, this is getting a little ridiculous.

Of course, my theory remains that, if one is ever detected on a collision course with us, the authorities likely will NOT announce it until just moments before it hits. It sounds cruel but, given enough time to properly freak out, your average Joe Sixpack would simply cause too much mayhem and panic, and TPTB are fully aware of this.

Most likely, the Emergency Broadcast System would kick-in and warn us no more than a half-hour prior to impact, telling us to get to our basements or to a below-ground parking garage or underpass and try to ride it out. Better that Joe Sixpack still be crying and in disbelief than to have time to process things and get his liquor and his gun out for one last party.

This is just one more reason you should keep emergency preparedness supplies in your home and cars at all times.


Asteroid explosion over Indonesia raises fears about Earth's defences - Telegraph: "On 8 October, the rock crashed into the atmosphere above South Sulawesi, Indonesia. The blast was heard by monitoring stations 10,000 miles away, according to a report by scientists at the University of Western Ontario.

Scientists are concerned that it was not spotted by any telescopes, and that had it been larger it could have caused a disaster.

The asteroid, estimated to have been around 10 metres (30ft) across, hit the atmosphere at an estimated 45,000mph. The sudden deceleration caused it to heat up rapidly and explode with the force of 50,000 tons of TNT.

Luckily, due to the height of the explosion – estimated at between 15 and 20 km (nine to 12 miles) above sea level – no damage was caused on the ground.

However, if the object had been slightly larger – 20 to 30 metres (60 to 90ft) across – it could easily have caused extensive damage and loss of life, say researchers..."

Foreign newscast lets us see what was seen in the sky immediately after the explosion:

Completely unrelated video from Edmonton, Canada on November 20, 2008, shows that such events seem to be becoming more frequent:

Seen over Denver, Colorado a few years ago; may be a satellite burning up, IMHO:

Meteorite blaze over Guadalajara Mexico - September 2006:

The Peekskill Bolide Fireball in October 1992:

And, there are MANY more. The internet is brimming with them; what you see here is barely even a sample.


27 October, 2009

U.S. Girl Scouts Going Doomer

I'm sure there will be many within our little subculture who will disagree with me (mostly because of their bald-faced hatred of the federal government), but I find the article linked below to be a refreshing change of pace. If there is anything I wish our government WOULD do MORE of, it is using their considerable resources/reach to encourage a higher level of emergency preparedness and self-sufficiency throughout our whiney-ass 'gimmie, gimmie, gimmie' entitlement culture.

Heck, if I had my way, they'd teach this stuff in public school.


U.S. Girl Scouts Prepare for War, Pestilence: "The United States wants to enlist its 3.4 million Girl Scouts in the effort to combat hurricanes, pandemics, terror attacks and other disasters.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) launched a campaign Tuesday to entice the blue, brown and green-clad multitudes to be even more prepared, with the promise of a new patch if they pitch in.

The young scouts will be able to emblazon their sashes or vests with the patch if they undergo the training which readies them for an emergency.

'This new preparedness patch will increase citizen preparedness and enhance our country's readiness for disasters,' said DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano in a statement..."


A Post-Oil World Gets Less Sci-Fi By The Day

Yet another really good Peak Oil article from a mainstream media source linked below. It's funny - just a few years ago, when I would talk about Peak Oil Theory, people looked at me like I was a crazy person and now it is becoming mainstream.


A Post-Oil World Gets Less Sci-Fi By The Day: "It is 30 years since the film Mad Max was made, launching the career of Mel Gibson.

The film made a big splash at the time for its terrifying view of a world without oil, where gangs of grisly looking people roam deserts in a post-apocalyptic world, killing each other to get their hands on the few drops of petrol that some have managed to produce in makeshift refineries. Social order has completely broken down.

Great film if you like that sort of thing but complete fiction, of course. Or is it? Three decades later, and I wonder if the film was, in fact, years ahead of its time...

... Imagine what would happen if prices rose, say, to $300 a barrel. Or higher. Not only would it become too expensive to drive unless absolutely necessary, but food would become prohibitively expensive to transport, goods from China would be too expensive to ship, and plastics, which come from oil, would be unaffordable. The cold turkey after more than a century of cheap oil would be painful indeed. For developing countries it would be fatal – many could not afford energy at those prices..."


26 October, 2009

All Aboard For Doomsday!

Very nice, well-written article about Peak Oil Theory, using a clever 'runaway train' analogy that I've never seen utilized before.


All aboard for doomsday!: "... Less certain than the finite nature of oil, but becoming clearer by the day, is where we sit on the timeline for oil depletion. Peak oil is the point at which we produce less oil today than we did yesterday. Opinions vary, but most give dates around 2005-2015 for the oil peak.

In the train analogy, peak oil is a hill in the countryside. After that hill has been passed, it is downhill all the way to the blown-out bridge. The consequence of this is that as we speed up on the downhill side, not only do we race ever faster to the end of the line, but also it becomes harder and harder to stop the train, and, as an oil super-tanker captain will tell you, the train will not stop as soon as you apply the brakes. Supertankers can take many hours to go from full steam ahead to a stop and similarly, as the train plummets down the hill, with a larger population, bursting from the windows and doors, clamouring for more oil (speed) as we go, the momentum becomes almost unstoppable and the point of no return is in fact long before we even lay our eyes on the immense chasm and the twisted, stretched filaments of railway track that lead into the emptiness..."


The Death Of An American Industrialized City

Detroit is well on its way to becoming a modern-day ghost town. When I read below that the total area of the land currently sitting vacant in that city rivals the size of the city of Boston, I couldn't believe my eyes; it is difficult for the mind to even fathom.

And, these seized houses couldn't be offloaded even with bids opening as low as $500 bucks... jeez...


Detroit house auction flops for urban wasteland: "... On the auction block in Detroit: almost 9,000 homes and lots in various states of abandonment and decay from the tidy owner-occupied to the burned-out shell claimed by squatters.

Taken together, the properties seized by tax collectors for arrears and put up for sale last week represented an area the size of New York's Central Park. Total vacant land in Detroit now occupies an area almost the size of Boston, according to a Detroit Free Press estimate..."




23 October, 2009

Study Finds H1N1 Virus Lives Longer Than Expected : NPR

Study Finds H1N1 Virus Lives Longer Than Expected : NPR: "The current public health recommendation is that if you've been sick, you can go back to work or school 24 hours after your fever goes away, but a new study published in American Journal of Preventive Medicine says you might still be contagious."

We've covered this sort of disparity in accurate information previously here on Backwoods Survival Blog. This has been know for some time now, so to find that some health officials have still been giving this old information is just more proof that we as individuals need to take ownership of our own fate. Do your own research and know your stuff, so you can ask pertinent questions. After all, doctors are just people too and can sometimes be just as guilty as the rest of us of being lazy and not keeping fully abreast of new developments.


Calvin and Hobbes On The Economy

Click here to view the comic.


22 October, 2009

America's Soul Is Lost, Collapse Inevitable

America's soul is lost, collapse inevitable Paul B. Farrell - MarketWatch: "Hong Kong's contrarian economist Marc Faber warns in his Doom, Boom & Gloom Report: 'The future will be a total disaster, with a collapse of our capitalistic system as we know it today.'...

... No, not just another meltdown, another bear market recession like the one recently triggered by Wall Street's 'too-greedy-to-fail' banks. Faber is warning that the entire system of capitalism will collapse. Get it? The engine driving the great 'American Economic Empire' for 233 years will collapse, a total disaster, a destiny we created."


21 October, 2009

In Trying Times, Hunters Go After Deer To Put Food On The Table

The following article has importance in that it speaks to a disturbing number of people I've met who think they'll be just fine, even if there are food shortages or the retail supply chain collapses and the grocery stores are suddenly empty, because they are hunters.

The truth is much less convenient as, when the time comes, most everyone will have the exact same idea as you.

In such an event, the woods would be teeming with every male and more than a few females over the age of 12 or big enough to point a rifle, and the deer population would quickly dwindle to nothingness. And, the deer would quickly be followed into that dark night by every other living thing in the forest that flies, crawls or walks and was dumb enough to let itself be seen or heard by a hungry homo sapien.

Please, please, folks, put away some canned foods for a rainy day. Most of our loyal advertisers here at Backwoods Survival Blog can sell you an astounding variety of long term freeze-dried or dehydrated foods with shelf-lives measured in decades. Just stash it away and forget about it. And, if you can't afford that, at least head down to Wally World and buy a bunch of canned soups, stews, veggies and meats to hide in the back of your kitchen cabinet. Even that stuff is good for at least two years or longer and then you can cycle it into your regular meals, replacing the stash with new cans of whatever you use.

At least then you can stay safe at home instead of traipsing around the woods, competing with every other heavily-armed and agitated Joe Bob Henry Bob within 100 miles for the last bit of Bambi Burger.

Plus, it is important to note that food storage is a vital component of the emergency preparedness currently being encouraged for every family in America by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the Red Cross and countless other organizations. Any type of natural or man-made disaster could leave you stranded, far from food and water. That is why every family should have emergency preparedness supplies at home, including stored foods and bottled water, flashlights /w batteries, a weather radio and other items, as well as having smaller emergency kits in each car and ready-to-go as Bug Out Bags in case evacuation is necessary


In trying times, hunters go after deer to put food on the table | The Indianapolis Star: "... Weaver, 50, is a self-described "country guy" who'd rather watch the Outdoor Channel than a Colts game. He goes deer hunting every fall.

But this year, with his work hours scaled back dramatically, Weaver is hunting with a new urgency.

'I'm out there trying to put meat in the freezer,' he said, coming off four straight days of hunting earlier this month. Bow season began Oct. 1.

Deer hunting in Indiana has been on the rise in recent years, with 129,700 deer taken last season, more than ever before -- even as the number of hunters remains flat.

This year, the Department of Natural Resources expects an even larger haul. 'I wouldn't be surprised if we topped 130,000'..."


60 Minutes Report on H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic

Watch CBS News Videos Online

Watch CBS News Videos Online


18 October, 2009

Food Giants Cut Back On Product Size But Prices Remain The Same - Times Online

Cited below is a prime example of one of the many hidden ways that inflation impacts the economy and the consumer. Prices remain steady, so you don't realize the change as immediately as you might have, but you are, in fact, getting less in return when you spend your hard-earned dollars. So, as a result, you must either get by with less or spend more today just to get what you got previously as the currency loses its purchasing power.


Food giants cut back on product size but prices remain the same - Times Online: "Supermarkets and leading food companies have reduced the size of their products but failed to pass on cost reductions to their customers, an investigation by The Times has found.

In an effort to beat the recession, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Ocado are selling smaller portions of popular brands, including biscuits, beer, crisps and ice cream. However, prices have remained the same and, in some cases, the cost has increased while the packet size has shrunk...

... “At a time when hard-working families are struggling to pay their bills, buyers should shop around and be aware of this practice.”..."


17 October, 2009

Small Asteroid to Fly Past Earth Tonight

SPACE.com -- Small Asteroid to Fly Past Earth Tonight: "A small asteroid will buzz the Earth late Friday EDT (early Saturday GMT), flying just inside the orbit of the moon. It should pass safely by our home planet, according to a crack team of NASA space rock trackers.

The space rock, named 2009 TM8, was just discovered Thursday by the Catalina Sky Survey in Arizona. It will get within 216,000 miles (348,000 km) of Earth when it zooms by at a speed of about 18,163 mph (29,232 kph)."


Just discovered Thursday. Passes us Friday night/early Saturday morning. That tells you what kind of notice we can expect in the event that one is ever bearing down on us for real, though in that case we'd likely never be told anyway. I imagine TPTB are all too aware that the ensuing butt-nekked, freakout panic would likely cause more damage than the impact itself.


Tent Cities in America

Tent Cities and third world living conditions, virtually unheard of in the America of my youth except with respect to smaller, isolated populations of homeless mostly found in urban areas, are quickly becoming just one more aspect of the current economic crisis. Folks hardly even raise an eyebrow, as though this is par for the course here in this country now. Sickening.

And, it bears mentioning that (as you will no doubt pick up on when watching the videos below) a good number of these new homeless are not the cliched homeless of yesterday. Those numbers included an overwhelming number of mentally ill individuals turned loose by the push to de-institutionalize the non-violent in the 1970s. Conversely, many of the new homeless appear to have been middle class folks whose worlds just recently fell out from under them in this economy with catastrophic, life-changing consequences.



14 October, 2009

Food Production 'Must Rise 70%'

BBC NEWS | Europe | Food production 'must rise 70%': "Food production will have to increase by 70% over the next 40 years to feed the world's growing population, the United Nations food agency predicts.

The Food and Agricultural Organization says if more land is not used for food production now, 370 million people could be facing famine by 2050."


12 October, 2009

Official EIA Statistics Show The World Is Now Using More Oil Than Is Being Produced

Total World Oil Production
85,472,000 barrels/day

Total World Petroleum Consumption
85,534,000 barrels/day (source)

This is import because, while we have been consuming more oil than was being discovered for quite a while now, these numbers are proof that we are 'fat, dumb and happily' burning the stuff up faster than we can pump it out of the ground. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that such a state of affairs is utterly unsustainable and could, in fact, result in what I read a gentleman online today refer to as "an imminent global economic contraction."

There exists somewhat of a buffer inventory allowing us to be able to function this way temporarily without the bottom falling out of the whole system, but if it continues as such for any real length of time, then we will deplete the buffer and prices will start climbing.

This is when they should typically start pumping more wherever possible to make up, but I am interested to see what effects our depleted production capacity might have on the whole thing.

It bears watching.


Even The Maya Are Getting Sick Of 2012 Hype

Interestingly enough, through all the research I've done on the 2012 phenomenon, I had never heard of Monument 6 -- the tablet found at a ruin in southern Mexico in the 1960s during the construction of a new highway system, which apparently contains allusions to something that is supposed to occur in 2012 involving a mysterious Mayan god.


Of course, the article also goes on to point out that there are inscriptions at other Mayan sites pointing to dates far beyond the alleged "end" in 2012, including one that apparently points to happenings in the year 4772. So, don't get too excited; 2012 is still bunk, in my opinion. I just hope the folks preparing for it keep up what they are doing after the date comes and goes as opposed to becoming disaffected and walking away from the life the way many did after Y2K.

Being prepared is cheap insurance and a great way to live, 2012 Doomsday or no 2012 Doomsday.


Even the Maya are getting sick of 2012 hype - Science- msnbc.com: "Apolinario Chile Pixtun is tired of being bombarded with frantic questions about the Mayan calendar supposedly 'running out' on Dec. 21, 2012. After all, it's not the end of the world.

Or is it?

Definitely not, the Mayan elder insists...


11 October, 2009

Preparedness-Minded Teen Suspended From School - WTEN: Albany, New York News, Weather, Sports -

In my opinion, the story quoted below is just one more example of the politically correct idiocracy in which we all live. First it was kindergartners being sent home for hugging, then I recall a 4th or 5th grader getting suspended under her school's 'zero tolerance drug policy' because she offered a Tylenol her Mom had packed for her in her lunchbox to a friend with a headache, and now this poor kid might miss out on his appointment to West Point all because he had the level-headed and good damn sense to keep an emergency kit in his car, and it happened to include a pocket knife among all the other basic tools.

Nevermind that it wasn't on his person, but was stashed in a side-compartment inside his locked car instead. Nevermind that it had a one-and-a-half inch blade, which clearly means it wasn't even one of those knives you might buy for self-defense, but rather it was a tool made for cutting small lengths of rope, fabric, plastic or other materials such as one might need if they found themselves stuck in their car during a disaster. As the author of the article touches on, the tire iron in his trunk would have made a better weapon.

Clearly, this youngster made someone who had knowledge of his kit angry and they decided to get some payback, and school officials decided to make an example of a good kid rather than be accused of any bias. A clear-cut case of CYA and nothing more; let's just hope it doesn't cost thing youngster his future.


Soldier suspended from school - WTEN: Albany, New York News: "High school senior Matthew Whalen is the kind of student any parent would want.

He's an Eagle Scout, on the honor roll, taking Advanced Placement classes, and never been in trouble with the law. He's received commendations from the City of Troy and the Boy Scouts of America for saving a woman's life, and this past summer, he completed Army basic training. All of it was accomplished before the age of 17.

'I'm just trying to do what I can while I can,' Matthew says.

His goal is to attend the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, a dream since he was in grade school...

... But the dream could be in jeopardy, thanks to a two-inch pocket knife that officials at Lansingburgh Senior High School found in Matthew's locked car last month. The pocket knife was a gift from his grandfather, Robert Whalen, who's the Hoosick Falls Police Chief. Matthew says he kept the knife in a side compartment and never tried showing it off or threatening anyone with it. Instead it was a part of the survival kit that was his car.

'My car is designed in a way that if I ever broke down, I'd be OK,' Whalen explains. 'I have a sleeping bag. I have bottled water. I have an MRE. I believe it's better to be prepared and not need it than need it and not have it.'

Matthew says school officials approached him on Sept. 21, asking if he had a weapon on him. When Matthew answered he did not, he says the officials asked if he had a knife in his car. Matthew said it was a pocket knife, and took officials to his car when asked. He also turned over the pocket knife when asked.

The Lansingburgh Central School District has a zero-tolerance policy on weapons. According to the district's Codes of Conduct, students are not allowed to have 'a weapon of any kind' on school grounds. Even though a pocket knife is not considered a weapon under New York State penal code, the district also prohibits students from possessing anything 'that reasonably can be considered a weapon.'"


UN Warns of 70% Desertification By 2025

AFP: UN warns of 70 percent desertification by 2025: "Drought could parch close to 70 percent of the planet's soil by 2025 unless countries implement policies to slow desertification, a senior United Nations official has warned.

'If we cannot find a solution to this problem... in 2025, close to 70 percent could be affected,' Luc Gnacadja, executive secretary of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, said Friday."


10 October, 2009


Please take a moment to check out the link in the left-hand sidebar of the blog for this free service that helps families and friends struggling through and separated by a disaster to reconnect with one another and know where their loved ones are and that they are okay. To that end, this site helps people find and mass notify family and friends of their well-being and whereabouts before, during or after a disaster.

LINK: WeAreSafeAndSound.com


Canning and Preserving Your Own Harvest: An Encyclopedia of Country Living Guide

Robert at Ready Made Resources asked me to make you aware of the following new book that is available: "Canning and Preserving Your Own Harvest: An Encyclopedia of Country Living Guide."

Midwest Book Review had this to say about the title: "Canning & Preserving Your Own Harvest is a no-nonsense, step-by-step guide to properly (and safely - improper canning can promote food poisoning) preserving one's food, from freezing, drying, and canning to creating a root cellar, making fruit preserves, pickling, and much more. The second half of Canning & Preserving Your Own Harvest is devoted to recipes that make delectable use of one's preserved food! A "must-have", user-friendly guide for anyone interested in preserving what they have grown themselves, Canning & Preserving Your Own Harvest is highly recommended."

Ready Made Resources is currently offering the title for $17.95 with FREE SHIPPING!


08 October, 2009

Chaos Ensues As Thousands Show Up For Federal Aid In Detroit; Nearly Became A Riot, People Trampled

As if we needed yet another example of why being mired in one of these big cities is absolutely the most dangerous situation one can be living in these days, here we get ourselves a great one. Obviously, from an economic standpoint, this plays as an example of how bad things are getting in one of America's great blue collar cities of yesteryear during the current ongoing crisis. But, to me, it says much more.

From a sociological perspective, this is a prime example of how human beings, when faced with a threat to their own survival (real or perceived), will forget the niceties of polite society and treat each other with whatever cruelty the situation demands in order to get what they believe is coming to them. Believe me, this is not a black or white thing, it is a human thing. These people were aware that the aid would be delved-out on a first-come-first-served basis and that there were a limited number of applications available, and were subsequently transformed into their baser selves. Steal an application from someone who already waited in line to get theirs? Sure. Trample some elderly lady? Okay.

In the future, as things continue to devolve, getting away from these people should be your first goal. Being amongst crowds like these during a collapse scenario, where the specter of the law no longer applies, will likely mean a certain and miserable death.


Chaos at Cobo: Detroiters turn out for federal help | detnews.com | The Detroit News: "Thousands hoping to get applications for federal help on rent and utility bills turned Cobo Center into a chaotic scene today.

They came by foot, wheelchair, bicycle and car. About six left by ambulance after tensions rose and people were trampled, according to a paramedic on the scene...

Detroiters were trying to pick up 5,000 federal assistance applications... for temporary financial assistance and housing services to individuals and families who are homeless, or who would be homeless without this help.

... Emergency medical technicians on the scene said they treated applicants who were injured during the rush to get inside the venue.

That's what happens when a town full of broke people gets a whiff of free money, said Walter Williams, 51, who came before the sun to get an application and a shot at some federal assistance.

'This morning, I seen the curtain pulled back on the misery,' he said. 'People fighting over a line. People threatening to shoot each other. Is this what we've come to?'"


07 October, 2009

North Sea Petroleum Following Classic Hubbert Curve Toward Decline

For all of those who doubt the veracity of Hubbert's theory, here is proof that production from the North Sea oil fields is following the exact same bell curve to hell that the U.S. domestic fields and Cantarell in Mexico and however many others did before it.

The Oil Drum: Europe | North Sea Petroleum Reserves: "North Sea petroleum (oil natural gas) production from 1970 to 2008 can be modeled to fit two Hubbert cycles. The first cycle represents surge production from the giant UK oil fields, Forties, Brent, Piper and Ninian. Actual cumulative production was 9937 million tonnes oil equivalent (mmtoe) 1970-2008 whilst the area beneath the two Hubbert curves is 9665 mmtoe - a difference of 2.7%.

To what extent the second Hubbert cycle will describe the decline in oil and gas production is highly pertinent but also uncertain. There are signs that the decline trajectory has already been influenced by a third cycle of giant field development with the Buzzard oil field and Ormen Lange gas field both coming on stream in 2007."


01 October, 2009

Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Volcanoes - WOW!

It has been an interesting week and here it is only Thursday.

First, yesterday the Samoan Islands region in the South Pacific (see Map) was hit by an earthquake measuring 8.0 on the Richter scale and producing tsunami that flattened entire villages or washed them into the sea and is responsible for at least 140 deaths. Then, today another earthquake struck two thousand miles away, rocking the western Indonesian island of Sumatra (see Map), measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale and killing at least 75. The Indonesian quake, which occurred along the same fault-line as the devastating 2004 tsunami that killed 230,000 people, toppled buildings and left thousands trapped under rubble. Officials fully admit that the death toll was likely to rise. (source) Then, just a few short hours ago, *ANOTHER* magnitude 6.6 quake hit Southern Sumatra about 180 miles from epicenter of first tremors. (source) Reports on the ground speak of buildings and houses toppled, trapping hundreds or perhaps thousands, depending on who is reporting it; this is developing as I type.

Also on Wednesday, Galeras volcano in southern Columbia blew her top. It could be a total coincidence as Galeras is one of that region's most active volcanoes and has erupted several times already this year, but it just adds one more layer to an already developing pattern.

And, there is a reason for my willingness to believe there may be more afoot than mere coincidence here. It seems Wednesday would also see the announcement that researchers have found earthquake activity can actually weaken distant faults. In fact, they have found that the major Sumatran quake in 2004 that caused the devastating tsunami event mentioned above may have actually weakened the San Andreas fault, nearly 5,000 miles away in California. (source) So, is it really that far-fetched to see a connection here?

More important, though, is the question of why are these events suddenly seeming to happen so often these days?

Perhaps, a little preparation might be a good idea; just a suggestion.


Supreme Court Decision May Open Up Other Gun Laws To Challenges -- latimes.com

Supreme Court decision may open up other gun laws to challenges -- latimes.com: "The Supreme Court's decision Wednesday to hear a 2nd Amendment challenge to Chicago's handgun ban could open the door to similar lawsuits in cities and states across the nation.

At issue is whether the right to keep and bear arms is a full-fledged constitutional privilege that can be invoked by individuals against the government at all levels, or a freedom that applies only as it concerns the federal government."


Montana Town Occupied By Private Paramilitary Security Force

A mysterious and almost entirely unknown private security firm calling themselves American Police Force is causing a bit of a stir in a rural Montana town.

According to local media, representatives of the firm were rolled into the tiny town of Hardin, Montana, in black SUV's with a peculiar logo on the door that read, "City of Hardin Police Department."

The problem here being that Hardin does not have a police force. It is too small, and therefore contracts with the local county sheriff's department for patrols.

Apparently, APF never had permission to assume policing duties. Instead, they apparently were contracted on the promise of bringing inmates to an unpopulated prison complex that the town built. But, if that is the case, then why all the secrecy?

What is the world is happening up there in Montana?