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20 March, 2010

Man Spends 4 Days Stuck in Car in Snowbank

Another unbelievably lucky guy who would've benefited a great deal from having a well-stocked survival kit in the car. He did a great job melting snow to keep himself hydrated and conserving gas so he could run the heater some at night, but he would've been much more comfortable with a thermal blanket and some sort of survival rations to get food energy into his system.

Man Spends 4 Days Stuck in Car in Snowbank: "A 67-year-old country musician from Montana who spent four days in his car stuck on a remote mountain road was weak and losing hope when an Idaho couple out for a drive in their four-wheel-drive vehicle came upon his car...

... Rogers... decided to take the remote Gold Creek Road across the Bitterroot Mountains, a route he had taken several times before and which he knew could shave more than an hour off the trip.

After about nine miles and with dusk setting in, the road got too snowy for Rogers' 1996 Cadillac STS, which was loaded with musical equipment, so he decided to turn around -- and got stuck in a snowbank. He checked his cell phone -- no service...

Rogers has health issues, including diabetes, liver troubles and a history of heart problems, so he decided to wait for help. He melted snow to drink and occasionally turned the car on to run the heater at night...

... Worried that he would soon lose his bearings or begin hallucinating, Rogers wrote the letter to say his last goodbyes to his friends and relations...

... But then the Kalis' arrived and drove him to St. Regis, Mont. Rogers did not require hospitalization and felt better after getting something to eat...

... Rogers is grateful to his rescuers, the service that towed his car for free, and for all the people who searched for him...."


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