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24 March, 2010

UN: Polluted Water Killing, Sickening Millions - More Than From All Forms of Violence

And the really terrifying thing is that they're only talking here about polluted water; these statistics and projections don't even take into account the looming fresh water shortages with which we will soon be faced.

We have talked about these issues before at length here at Backwoods Survival Blog, but ensuring a safe water supply is literally *THE* most important part of your emergency preparations and, therefore, bears reiterating. Remember, on average we can survive up to three weeks without food, but only *THREE DAYS* without fresh, clean water to drink.

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UN: Polluted water killing, sickening millions - Yahoo! News: "More people die from polluted water every year than from all forms of violence, including war, the U.N. said in a report Monday that highlights the need for clean drinking water.

The report, launched Monday to coincide with World Water Day, said an estimated 2 billion tons of waste water — including fertilizer run-off, sewage and industrial waste — is being discharged daily. That waste fuels the spread of disease and damages ecosystems.

'Sick Water' — the report from the U.N. Environment Program — said that 3.7 percent of all deaths are attributed to water-related diseases, translating into millions of deaths. More than half of the world's hospital beds are filled by people suffering from water-related illnesses, it said..."


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