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21 June, 2010

Letter Re: Lessons From The L.A. Lakers Basketball Victory Riot

Letter Re: Lessons From The L.A. Lakers Basketball Victory Riot - SurvivalBlog.com: "I know that several readers have mentioned that they decided to hunker down in the city in their homes rather than bug out if the SHTF. A recent article and video shows what mobs will do when they are happy. Imagine what they will do if they are, hungry, thirsty, and without power for heating or cooling. Fire seems to always be a common denominator in such situations. The last place I would want to be is in or under my house when someone sets it on fire or it catches fire from a nearby house. The bad guys would not even have to use guns.

I worked the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles as mutual aid officer from the northern part of the state. That was a real eye opener. I will never forget being at a housing project (Imperial Courts) with 30, two man units. We were quickly surrounded by hundreds of people screaming at us. We were ordered to flee and we did. We were told that if we had not left, we would of been shot at from the rooftops within a few minutes. After that experience, I always tell people it only takes 1% of the population to disobey the law and the police cannot cope and the situation is totally out of their control.

Hunkering down in the city might work for the short term [in a societal collapse], but long term it is suicide..."


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