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01 August, 2010

Climate Change/Global Warming Stuff

I know it is a subject that is capable of rousing some rather heated debates between proponents and deniers, but there have been some recent happenings with regard to the phenomenon of Climate Change/Global Warming that we should all keep an eye on.

First off: Global Warming "Undeniable," U.S. Government Report Says. Past decade hottest on record, according to recently published NOAA study. They analyzed ten climate indicators and found a warming trend over the past three decades, with the most recent being the hottest on record.

Then, finally:
Critical Ocean Organisms Are Disappearing. It seems the phytoplankton in our oceans, responsible for consuming greenhouse gases and directly or indirectly benefiting all life in the ocean, is declining, according to a new study. And, if things keep going like they are, it could decimate the food chains and accelerate Climate Change. This BBC article, in fact, cites the journal Nature in proclaiming that it is the warming of the waters by the phenomenon itself that is the culprit. Whatever the case may be, the decline is occurring at a little north of 1% per year, which might not sound like a lot, but since the 1950s "the world has seen a phytoplankton decline of about 40%."

And, as if that weren't scary enough:
"Seth Borenstein of the AP explains, 'plant plankton found in the world’s oceans are crucial to much of life on Earth. They are the foundation of the bountiful marine food web, produce half the world’s oxygen and suck up harmful carbon dioxide.'" (source)

We may be in for a rough road ahead, if we can survive at all. We may quickly be coming to a point where a die off of many is the only things that might save those that remain. Very scary.


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