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30 August, 2010

Too Stressed to Procreate -- American Birth Rate Declines In Harsh Economic Times

Unfortunately, this curb in overpopulation is likely too late to do us much good, coming as it is here AFTER we have depleted our natural resources and ruined much of our environment.


TOO STRESSED TO PROCREATE - The Burning Platform: "Here is another brick in the wall of the Fourth Turning. Births are declining rapidly just as they did in the late 1920′s and early 1930′s. The birth rate bottomed out at 19.0 in 1933 and stayed flat until after World War II. Today’s birth rate of 13.5 is the lowest in US history. With our rapidly aging population (10,000 people per day turn 50 years old), this low birth rate is another nail in our coffin. The declining births follows the exact pattern of the last Fourth Turning. This is totally logical as the mood darkens. When people see a bleak uncertain future ahead, why would they bring a child into the world?

The NCHS reports that U.S. births declined to 4.136 million in 2009, from 4.247 million in 2008. The birth rate declined to 13.5 from 13.9 in 2008 (births per 1000 total population). Births have declined for two consecutive years, and are now 4.2% below the peak in 2007. Notice that the number of births started declining a number of years before the Great Depression started. Many families in the 1920s were under severe stress long before the economy collapsed. By 1933 births were down by almost 23% from the early ’20s levels."

To see the chart, click here.


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