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20 September, 2010

Your Media Is Making You Stupid

Witness below proof of the shocking disparity between what is real and important and what THEY want you to believe is real and important. THEY treat us like children to keep us docile; a population is much easier controlled when they are on their couches with one hand in a bowl of greasy chips and the other clutching some cheap beer, distracted by the newest Dancing with the Stars. Bread and circuses, my friends.

Desdemona Despair: The Great Pakistani Deluge never happened: "The Great Deluge in Pakistan passed almost unnoticed in the United States despite President Obama’s repeated assertions that the country is central to American security. Now, with new evacuations and flooding afflicting Sindh Province and the long-term crisis only beginning in Pakistan, it has washed almost completely off American television and out of popular consciousness.

Few Americans were shown -- by the media conglomerates of their choice -- the heartbreaking scenes of eight million Pakistanis displaced into tent cities, of the submerging of a string of mid-sized cities (each nearly the size of New Orleans), of vast areas of crops ruined, of infrastructure swept away, damaged, or devastated at an almost unimaginable level, of futures destroyed, and opportunistic Taliban bombings continuing. The boiling disgust of the Pakistani public with the incompetence, insouciance, and cupidity of their corrupt ruling class is little appreciated..."


"... The cover story for Newsweek magazine’s September 2006 edition was 'Losing Afghanistan' in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. It was 'My Life in Pictures', a story about the photographer Annie Liebovitz in the U.S...."

"... The cover story for Newsweek magazine’s October 2006 edition was 'Global Warming’s First Victim' in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. It was 'Off Message', a story about Republican Congressman Mark Foley’s sexually suggestive emails and IMs to teenage boys..."

"... The cover story for Time magazine’s April 2007 edition was 'Talibanistan' in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. It was 'Why We Should Teach the Bible in Public Schools' in the U.S...."



A little tongue-in-cheek below, yet shockingly accurate:

TIME Announces New Version Of Magazine Aimed At Adults


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