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12 October, 2010

Oil spill Closes Lake Huron Beach in Michigan

These sorts of mishaps seem to be occurring more frequently as of late because collapse is accelerating. Those 'in the know,' i.e. the wealthy elite that usually make up the majority stockholders in these big companies, are trying to squeeze the last bit of wealth out of the dying system before it finally collapses, thus safety regulations are not always being followed as closely as before.


Oil spill closes Lake Huron beach in Michigan – This Just In - CNN.com Blogs: "An oil spill has prompted the state of Michigan to close a beach in a state park on Lake Huron.

The day use beach at Cheboygan State Park is closed until further notice because of oil on a 250-yard stretch of the beach, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment announced.
'Crews are working to clean up the beach and determine the source of the spill,' the department's website said.

Private citizens complained to state and federal agencies after discovering the oil on the beach and sheen on the water Tuesday, the National Wildlife Federation said.

The shoreline is home to threatened species including the black tern, pitcher's thistle and dwarf lake iris, the wildlife federation said..."


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