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14 October, 2010

U.S. Economy About to Go "Belly Up Effectivey" in "Wholesale Countrywide Loss of Their Sovereign Credit"

Global: Max Is Either A Nut, Or..... in [Market-Ticker]: "...First of all let's be clear about something. In a lot of scandals, you can point to one guy, Hank Paulson. When he was the CEO of Goldman Sacks, before he became the treasury secretary. As CEO of Goldman Sacks, he unwound many of these mortgage contracts from the Goldman banks, they were the only bank that didn't get caught up in this scandal and then as treasury secretary, he made sure that Goldman Sacks got bailed out from their positions through AIG and other foreign interests.

So there is a clear oligarchy in America, Hank Paulson is from that oligarchy, they are working against the interests of the people of the US... A lot of big money around the world is going to drop the dollar and basically disenfranchise the US economy. This is not just a remark in passing, this means that the US economy goes belly up effectively and the dollar gets completely wiped out the face of the earth and gold goes to 1400, 1500, 1600 dollars an ounce... we are talking about wholesale countrywide loss of their sovereign credit. The US government bond will be about as valuable as garbage..."


Think he's full of crap? Denninger is worried...
Global: Max Is Either A Nut, Or..... in [Market-Ticker]

Also, Denninger -- in a forum post made later -- went on to say:
Single Post Display - MarketTicker Forums: "... I am getting very close to going 'bug-out', converting all to tangible value items, and deciding that right or wrong, I'm gonna live it out where I don't care.

This is getting very close to going completely out of control - it is FAR worse than what was going on with Lehman."


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