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09 December, 2010

We're All Doomed!!! We Still Haven't Woken Up to How Much Poorer the West is Going To Be in the Future...

We're all doomed!!! We still haven't woken up to how much poorer the West is going to be in the future... | Mail Online: "A friend announced at lunch last week: ‘I’m now self-sufficient in vegetables.’

I responded flippantly that it must be nice for him to be able to afford them, since those of us who grow our own cabbages cost them at about �1 apiece.

‘No, no,’ he said seriously. ‘The garden could be important if the crunch comes.’

My companion is no refugee from TV’s The Good Life, but one of the cleverest men I know — you have probably read one of his books or seen the film.

He spent the next hour talking me through his scenario for a collapse of the entire Western financial and commercial system: ‘Do you realise that every company in the land including the supermarkets operates on 24-hour inventories?

‘Nobody holds reserves of anything. Just imagine what life would be like, if you put your card into a hole-in-the-wall and nothing came out — there simply wasn’t any money.’..."


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