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31 July, 2010

Earth On Track For Epic Die-Off, Scientists Say

If the past is any indication of the future, we may already be in the middle of a great dying-off of many mammal species as a result of "habitat destruction, pollution and now global warming." And, I realize what a contentious subject climate change, specifically the so-called AGW or Anthropomorphic (man-made) Global Warming, has become, but even if you discount that factor completely it is hard to deny the deleterious effect human populations have on nature.

Earth on track for epic die-off, scientists say: "... The study of the fossil and archaeological record over the past 30 million years by UC Berkeley and Penn State University researchers shows that between 15 and 42 percent of the mammals in North America disappeared after humans arrived.

That means North American mammals are well on the way - perhaps as much as half way - to a level of extinction comparable to other epic die-offs, like the one that wiped out the dinosaurs..."

And, I realize you might be wondering what all this environmental talk is doing on a blog that caters mostly to emergency disaster preparedness enthusiasts, survivalists and 2nd Amendment supporters. In reply, I remind you that even the best prepared among us will not be able to abide long in a critically broken ecosystem.


How to Build a Log Cabin With Dovetail Notches

Great article over on the Instructables site detailing How to build a log cabin with dovetail notches.


30 July, 2010

Doomsday Scenarios: Is Humanity Prepared for the Worst?

The linked article wastes some space making fun of the folks who were afraid the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Switzerland would kill us all when we switched it on. Then, the case is made that we should use the LHC experience as a guide that might save us from some more-plausible threat in the future.

Doomsday scenarios: is humanity prepared for the worst? | The Observer: "... Nick Bostrom, director of the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford University, says that advances in fields such as weapons technology, artificial intelligence and synthetic biology (which has already given researchers the tools to create viruses from scratch) could lead to what he calls 'existential threats'. These are catastrophes that play out on an unprecedented scale, ones that have the potential to bring an end to the human story, either by wiping us out completely, or by 'permanently and drastically destroying our future potential'.

The creation of a lethal synthetic virus that kills on a global scale is but one potential risk that Bostrom highlights. Breakthroughs in physics could lead to new weapons that increase the dangers of war, he says, while advances in computing could see the advent of machines that can improve their own intelligence, and surpass that of humans. Even attempts to manipulate the atmosphere to combat global warming might backfire and trigger a global disaster..."

According to Bostrom's research, we humans are "doomed only to learn from direct experience. Nuclear reactors were made safer after the Chernobyl disaster in 1986. The UN drew up plans for a tsunami warning system in the Indian Ocean a year after 230,000 people died from a devastating wave in 2004. Plans to bolster flood defences around New Orleans are still being thrashed out, five years after hurricane Katrina killed nearly 2,000 and left thousands more homeless. In each case, the risks were known, but they were only acted on after the event.

'Our attitude throughout human history has been to experience events like these and then put safeguards in place,' says Bostrom. 'That strategy is completely futile with existential risks. By definition, you don't get to learn from experience. You only have one chance to get it right.'"

Maybe that explains why it is so difficult to convince people to take off their blinders and prepare for what's coming.


28 July, 2010

City Giving Away Free Land

Homesteads and Other Sources of Tax Income - NYTimes.com: "Give away land to make money?

It hardly sounds like a prudent scheme. But in a bit of deja vu, that is exactly what this small Nebraska city aims to do.

Beatrice was a starting point for the Homestead Act of 1862, the federal law that handed land to pioneering farmers. Back then, the goal was to settle the West. The goal of Beatrice’s “Homestead Act of 2010,” is, in part, to replenish city coffers.

The calculus is simple, if counterintuitive: hand out city land now to ensure property tax revenues in the future..."


26 July, 2010

Town Disbands Police Force to Save Money, Now Riddled with Crime

This is for all of you out there still harboring your naive ideal of how people will all band together and act when law and order is removed from the situation. Some will take the high road, but the majority will not, so you had better be ready to defend you and yours.

Were this my town, I would see it as a great excuse to institute an open-carry neighborhood watch program!


Logan Daily News - With no police, village faces crime wave: "A rash of burglaries in New Straitsville has some local residents concerned, especially since a police officer no longer patrols the area.

New Straitsville Police Chief Kevin Ginsell was laid off from his position last Monday, July 12, and since then there have been four burglaries in the downtown area. Council Member Chris Tigner says the village can no longer afford to pay for police protection..."


24 July, 2010

Infowars.com Poll: Majority Believe Road Warrior Depression Coming

Infowars.com Poll: Majority Believe Road Warrior Depression Coming: "An Infowars.com poll posted last week reveals that nearly 60% of respondents believe the United States is headed for a 'road warrior' economic depression. 17% believe the country is headed for a depression no worse than the Great Depression, while 13% think the economic crisis will continue along its current trajectory and not get worse. 5% of respondents believe the economy will turn around as Obama and the government promises..."


Letter Re: "Observations From A Vacationing Reader"

Reader Jack wrote:

"It really is sad. I travel all over for work, and everywhere I go, I see a large number of homes for sale, and a large number of small businesses struggling or closed down. To me, it is a testament to how bad the economy really is.

In addition, a couple weeks ago I was at the shore/beach in NJ, and the traffic is the heaviest I have ever seen it going to and from. I think there are more people taking those mini day trips because they cannot afford to otherwise take that extended vacation.

It is a sad state of affairs."

23 July, 2010

Observations From A Vacationing Reader

LOCATION: Centerville, MA (Cape Cod)

It had been about five years since we were last here. As we drove the two miles down on North Main Street towards an Osterville restaurant, I observed a distressing sign (or actually MANY signs). The high-end houses and estates-NOT beach houses or bungalows- were up for sale. The number of FOR SALE signs (16 of them!) in just two miles was very unusual for this area and for its type of residents; full time residence homes with expensive lush green yards and some with wrought iron security fencing. The preeminent high end Realtor- Sotheby’s International Realty- was found amongst the majority of properties listed on this two mile street. Only one property listed for sale was a newly build house and one other was a business for sale (a financial firm office building).

But, as we explored other streets and roadways in the Hyannis, Barnstable, Centerville area, many other realtor signs or closed businesses were present. One facility up for sale that was not far from our hotel was a time share housing complex lying just across the street from the beach. Speaking of hotels; most that we observed on the busy Route 28 and Route 6 highways, were displaying VACANCY signs; unusual for the peak vacation season in mid-July.

These views spoke reams to me. The finances of many-upper class- to middle class- were suffering amidst this “Great Recession” (aka “Great Depression”). The tax base and financial base were crumbling in synchrony with the financial problems experienced across the state of Massachusetts. Here, the casualties were the many hard working individuals and the related industries and businesses dependent on not merely the tourist vacation dollars, but the demand for local arts, seafood industries, and local cuisines.

Sadly, this is one report of many across our nation; but, seeing it close up makes me think that the slowing of the economy (or decent into the abyss-if you wish) is merely one aspect of this sad vacation scene. Rather, for high income and middle class residents, it is the loss of property value; the collapse of bank loans and liquidation at cut rate prices of long time family held properties and business assets; as well as the loss of value of locally produced products and goods as the consumer (or tourist) demand evaporates.

Many will suffer as the economy continues to contract and the hard earned labors and properties will evaporate into the vacuum of economic misery.

Food for thought.

Copyright 2010: Lawrence F. Roberge


20 July, 2010

Has Civilization Gone Full Circle?

Has civilization gone full circle?: "... Now, in the 21st century, we have become more like Greeks and Romans than we like to think, less Greek than Roman — not ... of the Classical Age but ... of faded glory and decaying grandeur, Greeks and Romans in the social sense, in decline.

The English author Ferdinand Mount's 'Full Circle: How the Classical World Came Back to Us' suggests an 'astonishing' similarity between current Western life-styles and those of the Romans of the late republic and early empire...

... Like Greco-Romans, we obsess over bodily things: bathing, fitness, gymnastic training. Not since the Romans have so many people been employed as providers of such.

Our attitudes toward sex and food are very like those of pagan aesthetes. In short we obsess over sex and eating ... We exalt celebrities; the Romans gladiators and charioteers - we athletes, actors and rock stars ... Romans were desperate for entertainment, so are we, with TV and bloodless arenas. Religion as in Rome is in definite decline...

... the average Roman enjoyed a standard of living not again reached in Europe until about 1850. Political tyranny, as Tacitus wrote, did not bother a people hooked on 'bread and circuses' so long as they were fed and entertained. Only hired hands (soldiers) and a (paid) political elite served the state, a vast change from the days of Greek democracy and the early republic...

... the question ... is this: If history hardwires us into cultural regressions, will we do a new Dark Age?"


17 July, 2010

The New Doom

The fat cats seem to be making moves to prepare and survive... are you?


The New Doom | The New York Observer: "[A prominent New York hedge fund manager] had just returned from his ranch in the wilderness of central Idaho. 'I just like it because it's massively low human density. It would be a place you could hole up in. But, gosh, I hope that doesn't happen.'

Last week, not very far from the hedge fund manager's ranch, the billionaire John Malone gave a little-noticed interview to The Wall Street Journal from Allen & Co.'s annual Sun Valley conference. Asked about the biggest risks to Liberty, his media conglomerate, Mr. Malone said his concern was this country's survival. 'We have a retreat that's right on the Quebec border. We own 18 miles on the border, so we can cross. Anytime we want to, we can get away.'

His wife is more concerned: She's already moved her personal cash to Australia and Canada. 'She wants to have a place to go,' said Mr. Malone, No. 400 on this year's Forbes list of the richest people in the world, 'if things blow up here.'...

... The hedge fund manager said he doesn't even trust gold. 'It's worthless if the social fabric tears,' he said. 'We're going to have to do something different, before we get down to where it's really bad.'"


Country Boy

The man pretty much says it all, doesn't he?



13 July, 2010

Letter Re: Saving Coffee Beans


Every once in a while, I see these "survivalist" cans of Costa Rican canned green coffee beans.

Ok, so I pay about $80 bucks (not to mention some paying for some hefty shipping charges).

I thought to myself-why can't I do it (in the spirit of DIY).

Ok, it can be easily done.

First, purchase GREEN coffee beans.

Second, seal them in a good container. I use a half gallon Ball canning jar WITH an oxygen absorber. A half gallon jar will hold about 2.5 pounds of beans and I use one or two 500CC oxygen absorbers-just to make sure no oxygen exists afterward.

Third, Seal the jar with a new canning jar lid. Keep out of light.

No moisture (dry beans and glass sealed jar), no oxygen (absorber does that), no light, and keep in cool storage (room temp or cooler); and the coffee is good to go for years!

When you use the beans-follow the processing instructions (can be found at a lot of places on the web and on YOU TUBE:




Finally, keep in mind that green coffee beans can be purchased from coffee bean dealers on the web, locally, or go to Ebay for green coffee bean deals. I also have a hand grinding mill-useful for grains as well as coffee beans.

WHY pay for it when you can make it?

Also, one final note: some preppers consider coffee one of the items useful in barter after TEOTWAWKI.

Food for thought.

Best wishes.



My Response: The method described above or buying them canned from a trusted source is truly the best way to go when it comes to the long-term storage of coffee, but be advised that decent results can also be achieved by buying coffee in vacuum-packed bricks and storing it in a cool, dark, dry place. I would suggest you rotate your stock so it doesn't get old on you, but I suspect we will all one day be happy for a cup of even really stale coffee on frosty mornings.


Newsweek: Survivalism 101


In Hard Times, Some Flirt With Survivalism


Survivalism Expert Jim Rawles (of Survivalblog.com) on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory 11 Mar. 2010


08 July, 2010

Guest Post: Self Defense, Mace, and now the Female Condom with Teeth

We can argue the equality of the sexes until we’re blue in the face, but that’s not going to change the fact that women are more vulnerable than men in certain ways. When it comes to physical strength, the fairer sex is no match for the masculine of the species, because this is the way our Creator intended it to be. But then, to be fair to Him, He did not intend the male He made in His likeness to attack and perpetrate vicious crimes on women.

From time immemorial, women have been forced to come up with new ways to defend themselves and their honor against the baser instincts of man, and because of this, we’ve had inventions like pepper spray and Mace, those cans most women love to brandish in the face of villainy. But what happens if they’re overpowered unawares and unable to reach for their handbags inside which said cans are ensconced? That’s where self-defense lessons come in handy – the savvy woman is able to disarm her attacker and cause sufficient pain with a well-placed elbow or knee.

And today, we have a new weapon if all else fails and there still is the danger of rape or physical abuse – the female condom that literally has teeth. The Rape aXe as it’s been dubbed, is the brainchild of South African Sonnet Ehlers, a woman who has seen how much devastation rape can cause. It is meant to be worn like a tampon, and if the woman is raped or subjected to sex on a date against her approval, it clamps onto the penis and is impossible to remove without surgical intervention. This not only prevents rape but also ensures that the rapist is brought to book and made to pay for his crime.

The device has come in for much criticism from all quarters – people are heaping various sobriquets on it that include “medieval”, “vengeful”, “horrible” and “disgusting”. My only question to these outspoken souls is – Why don’t they use these words to describe the act that is rape? Where were all these insults when men were raping women to either satisfy their base instincts or as a way to show her who’s boss? When the women come back with a retaliatory device that is foolproof and completely safe, why raise such a hue and cry?

Rape is a horrible crime not just because of how intrusive and invasive it is to the woman, but also because it is very difficult to prove in a court of law. More often than not, the victim is subject to embarrassing questions and snide insinuations that she was “asking for it” by the way she dressed or with come-hither looks. With the toothy condom, it’s so easy to prove that it was indeed rape and not consensual sex – why would the woman wear the condom with teeth if she intended to have a good time?

No matter what changes, there are some things that stay the same; the fact that we live in a male chauvinist’s world is one such aspect – what’s good for the gander is not good for the goose. But no matter – we know how to stand up for and protect ourselves, a fact that is vouched for by the condom with teeth!


This guest post is contributed by Sally Davison, she writes on the topic of fire science degree . She welcomes your comments at her email id: sallyd@firesciencedegree.com