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13 January, 2011

Rise of the Preppers: Survivalists Get a Makeover

American Preppers Network and Survival - Natural Disasters and Preppers - Popular Mechanics: "As a truck driver hauling produce and food up and down the West Coast, Tom Martin knows first-hand how vulnerable the U.S. food supply is to disruption. 'I know what our supply chains are like,' he says. 'I know grocery stores rely on just in time services; they only have three days worth of food in any grocery store.'

In a disaster, that food will be gone in less than a day, and if you don't have food stored up, you'll be stuck, says Martin, who is one of a growing number of 'preppers,' or people who are prepping for large-scale disaster. The American Preppers Network, an online forum Martin started in 2009 that quickly grew to 4000 members in nearly all 50 states.

Are preppers just another group of paranoid doomsdayers? Not at all. Many of the scenarios they prepare for, like hurricanes, are quite real, unlike some of the outlandish scenarios (like a United Nations takeover, religious cleansing or government despotism) that drive more extreme members of the fringe. Jerry Young, a longtime prepper in Reno, Nevada, says he has list of 137 scenarios he's preparing for, though 'only a handful of those' are things he's seriously worried about. 'Mostly of my preparations are for natural disasters,' he says. 'But the basic preparations apply to all of them'..."


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