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01 July, 2011

African Nation Deploys Extra Troops As Power Cuts Enrage Populace

Society's thin veneer illuminated.


Senegal deploys extra troops as power cuts enrage: "Senegal deployed extra troops at ministry buildings, armoured personnel carriers near the presidential palace and at least one helicopter gunship in the capital Dakar on Wednesday after riots over lengthy power cuts.

Many Dakar homes and businesses have been without electricity for more than 30 hours, catalysing anti-government sentiment. Overnight, demonstrators burnt tires and ransacked the offices of state electricity company Senelec and ministers' homes.

Riots erupted last week after President Abdoulaye Wade's tried to alter the constitution in a way his rivals said would make it easier for him to get re-elected in February.

Senegal has earned a reputation as West Africa's most stable and democratic country..."


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