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27 July, 2011


As you can no doubt see, much and more has changed with the blog. I suppose it was time for a good housecleaning and change of scenery, but I wish that I could rightly say that it was done for those reasons. Rather, I made some changes yesterday in an effort to decrease load times and correct some very nagging CSS errors; changes that had the unforeseen side effect of causing half the links on the blog to go dead -- well, actually they weren't dead so much as every link on the page just loaded the home page instead of where they were supposed to go.

Anyway, it looks as though everything is back up to par now. My apologies to anyone who visited the blog this evening while it was under construction and, admittedly, looked a hot mess. Feel free to e-mail if you're having any problems with the new layout or if you have any other comments.

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