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15 July, 2011

... the Inevitability of Societal Chaos, How the Elites Will Try to Maintain Control

The Daily Bell - ... the Inevitability of Societal Chaos, How the Elites Will Try to Maintain Control – And How You Can Protect Your Wealth From Confiscation: "... People see the amount of money being thrown around on bailouts and wars. It can't be hidden anymore because it's available for anyone with a computer.

First they instituted central bank around the world and then they began to build their new world order, funding it by printing money-from-nothing. When the business cycle soured, they'd distract people with war. But again none of this is working so well now. It's a fairly brutal and even obvious system once you understand it...

... today, despite what I consider an awakening, we still have large number of people who don't understand what's going on and maybe never will. Some of them are barely capable of critical thought. But those who are aware are growing too and at a faster rate than ever before. What gets people's attention is when the economy is not working. And today there's nothing left to milk in the West. The cow is dry and the cream has been siphoned off – and it sure as heck isn't in my or your cup...

... John Q. Public is starting to understand that they have been the subject of a massive mind manipulation ever since they first walked through the doors of an American public school. It's like a warm bath. Even after you get out of school, you're subject to the same propaganda. The mainstream media is there to reinforce it as are the establishment historians. In the 20th century there was literally no respite. But in the 21st century the alternative has really come on strong. Sites like yours... are speaking truth to power. It's an entirely different kind of illumination and it's making a real difference..."


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