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14 July, 2011

Mount Etna Eruption 'Knocks Clocks 15 Minutes Fast'

Mount Etna eruption closes airports and 'knocks clocks 15 minutes fast' | Mail Online: "An eruption by Mount Etna on the Italian island of Sicily left a nearby airport closed and ... locals turning up early for work...

... Bemused Sicilians, meanwhile, were quick to blame the volcano after thousands noticed that their clocks were running 15 minutes fast. The fast forward time keeping has affected a wide spectrum of digital clocks and watches - from computers through to alarm clocks.

It was spotted when large numbers of locals started turning up for work early, and a Facebook page was organised for those involved to compare notes...

... As well as Etna's volcanic activity, users have so far blamed aliens, poltergeists, solar explosions and electrical disturbances caused by underwater cables...

... The cause of the island-wide clock confusion remains unknown..."



  1. This is the story that just will not die.

    The apparent source for this story is a Swedish climate-change denier website calling itself "Climate Fraud”. It referenced the term "knocks clocks" in an item dated January 4, 2008. Immediately after that, hundreds of other climate-change denier (and other) sites started repeating the story without fact checking anything. For some reason, it has staged a resurgence in July 2011.

    Fact checking before posting will eliminate these urban legends from your site.

  2. You'll notice it was posted under the category "tinfoil hat"...


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