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05 July, 2011

The Post-Apocalyptic Clownscape That Was Six Flags New Orleans

The Post-Apocalyptic Clownscape That Was Six Flags New Orleans - The Consumerist: "How long after civilization collapses will it take for our infrastructure to crumble into a rusting, weed-choked hellscape? With the help of some flooding, just a few years, if the current state of Six Flags New Orleans is any indication. Pump systems failed after Hurricane Katrina, leaving the site in up to seven feet of brackish water for about a month, corroding the rides and wrecking everything else. The park site is now property of the city of New Orleans after Six Flags declared it a total loss, collecting insurance and moving a few salvageable rides to other parks. The front gate is open, and the city already has enough problems and can't pay for 24-hour security. That means local teens and roving urban explorers have found their way in to show us all the carnage.

Love These Pics has an amazing collection of 75 photos..."


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