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28 July, 2011

Report: China Building Electromagnetic Pulse Weapons for Use against U.S. Aircraft Carriers

Report: China building electromagnetic pulse weapons for use against U.S. carriers - Washington Times: "China's military is developing electromagnetic pulse weapons that Beijing plans to use against U.S. aircraft carriers in any future conflict over Taiwan, according to an intelligence report made public on Thursday.

Portions of a National Ground Intelligence Centerstudy on the lethal effects of electromagnetic pulse (EMP) and high-powered microwave (HPM) weapons revealed that the arms are part of China’s so-called “assassin’s mace” arsenal - weapons that allow a technologically inferior China to defeat U.S. military forces.

EMP weapons mimic the gamma-ray pulse caused by a nuclear blast that knocks out all electronics, including computers and automobiles, over wide areas..."

1 comment:

  1. I've been looking more into this topic to get more information on it, so I can be better prepared for when we get hit with this. I know that Dr. Andrei Shoumikhin authored articled on ballistic missile defense and he knows about EMP. He's been on this radio show before and had a ton to say. He's actually going to be on it again this Wednesday the 17th(tomorrow), if you want to listen in on it this time, here's the link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/empact-radio/2011/08/17/pvp62-dr-andrei-shoumikhin-returns-to-empact-radio


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