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07 July, 2011

Yellowstone Visitor Killed By Grizzly Bear

I would not dare be caught out in the wild like these poor folks without means to defend myself. Hikers, back-packers and other would-be outdoor enthusiasts should always be aware of their surroundings; and, should either carry a weapon or stay the hell home.


Yellowstone Visitor Killed By Grizzly Bear - The Smoky Mountain Hiking Blog: "... A visitor to Yellowstone National Park is dead after an encounter with a grizzly bear Wednesday morning.

The incident occurred on the Wapiti Lake trail, which is located east of the Grand Loop Road south of Canyon Village.

The husband and wife couple had traveled about a mile and a half in on the trail Wednesday morning when they surprised a grizzly sow with cubs. In an apparent attempt to defend a perceived threat to her cubs, the bear attacked and fatally wounded the man. Another group of hikers nearby heard the victim’s wife crying out for help, and used a cell phone to call 911. Park rangers were summoned and quickly responded to the scene..."



  1. I always am amazed by the amount of people who believe that all wild animals are scared to death of humans.
    These experts say carry a bell (dinner time!) or a whistle or pepper spray. Yeah, right. Grizzley bears can kill an elk! What do you think they can do to a human? (A pre-dinner snack!)
    If one is hiking in wilderness areas that have grizzleys or black bears (which have killed more people), one should carry the biggest caliber gun you can handle and shoot with.

  2. Wild animals are naturally 'wary' of humans, and will therefore often run off... 'often' - not 'always'. They will sometimes turn aggressive instead, especially when they perceive you as a threat to their young. I agree with the above comment re: carrying "the biggest caliber gun you can handle and shoot with." If you're not okay with that then you should stay home and watch Discovery channel.


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