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20 August, 2011

First Free Gome Goes to Detroit Officer

Depending on the area where the house is located, I could see where this might cause some problems for this officer and his family in the future. Still, at least the city of Detroit seems to be trying to make something good out of a bad situation. I know that there were plans not long ago to abandon large outlying sections of the city and allow them to, more or less, return to nature. Not sure if that is still where they are headed, but, if so, the idea of drawing law-enforcement personnel into homes within the central areas of the city makes a lot of sense.  And, at least these homes didn't actually cost the city anything.


First free home goes to Detroit officer | Detroit Free Press | freep.com: "... The project is designed to help the city reduce blight and crime and add a sense of security to its neighborhoods.

William Booker-Riggs, 38, a mayoral bodyguard, was the first to take advantage of one of 10 free houses donated to the city by Bank of America.

'I'm so glad to be here,' Booker-Riggs, who moved from a house in Southfield, told reporters in his spacious new home in the Green Acres neighborhood just south of 8 Mile. The home had been abandoned for about a year and is to receive about $100,000 in repairs..."

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