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23 August, 2011

Rare Earthquake Rocks U.S. East Coast

I doubt that it is news to anyone at this late hour that a very rare earthquake occurred earlier today with an epicenter just south of Mineral, Virginia and was also felt several states away, but I thought it prudent to mention here nonetheless so that together we can take a look at some of the news generated by the event.  Needless to say, we easterners are not accustomed to such things, so it is a big, big deal regardless of the small amount of damage and lack of fatalities (thank God!) that it caused.

East Coast quake felt in several states (from South Carolina to Maine)

Illinois residents may have felt Virginia quake

Strongest quake since '44 jars East Coast

5.8 earthquake leaves Central Virginia shaken, not stirred

Earthquake aftershock felt in Virginia, more aftershocks likely to come

Earthquake in Virginia felt across W.Va. (video)

Virginia nuclear plant shut down by quake

Quake raises safety concerns as US nuclear plant shut

Va. Earthquake Triggers 'Unusual Event' At Susquehanna Plant

Earthquake centered in Va. rolls across Pa.

Quake affects NYSE traders, sparks brief selloff

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