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01 August, 2011

Two Letters RE: "Why I Advocate Preparedness (And No, It Isn't Because I Believe The End Of The World Is Around The Corner)"

In response to my recent article, "Why I Advocate Preparedness (And No, It Isn't Because I Believe The End Of The World Is Around The Corner)," I received the following two letters.


Reader Otis wrote:

"I am one of those individuals who has a family. I am responsible for their well-being. I have $1400 worth of 'disaster' food in the basement. Admittedly, it was purchased in 1999 as an insurance policy against computer people not doing their job. It expires next year so I have to begin to throw it away, or see if some of it can be used in present time, and start looking for my next horde to store.

I prepare for the worst, and I work towards the best. I look at ALL possibilities. Look at the EU now. Look at the riots in Greece. Look at the riots in all the PIIGS. And the US is currently in far worse shape than them now. With ONE major difference. They can’t print fiat dollars. We can. The printing presses and the Fed buying billions of US treasuries are the only things that have postponed mass disillusionment with the powers that be. But it is coming. HAS to. Our debt load is totally unsustainable. We will default, but not like everyone thinks. We’ll default via inflation. And having that cheap survival food will come in handy when butter is $15 a pound.

Hell, I bought bacon the other day. 1 pound was $8.99. FML. Butter has gone from 99 cents a pound to $4.99. BUT!! THERE IS NO INFLATION!! Gubbernmint sayeth so. BAH! Assholes.

I’m going to tell you a secret. When I look at taking care of my family, I also look at the fact that I am at that age where anything can happen. I could be walking down an aisle in Kroger, have a coronary, and be gone. I am like a lot of people. I don’t have health insurance, or life insurance. I don’t have huge savings. I have a few stocks. I have some gold. I have some collectables. But it isn’t enough to take care of my family for the rest of their lives.

One of the reasons I want to have food in the basement is just in case something happens to me. The wife doesn’t work. None of the daughters have jobs. The wife doesn’t drive. So if I croak they are up shit creek. They are going to need enough STUFF here in the house to allow them to survive for 30 to 90 days while the doctors and hospitals come put liens on everything I have. Me being taken to a hospital, and having a coronary, and them spending hours working to save me, or flying me to a better, bigger hospital or whatever … $250,000 bill. Not unimaginable. Once I am gone the wife is looking at immediate bankruptcy. So to give her a buffer, in the event of my unexpected demise, I am going to have STUFF around the house here that she can use to stay alive, with no money, and maybe she’ll have enough of a buffer to get my Soc Sec benefits coming in, or to have filed BK, or to have applied for food stamps, or to have found a job, or WHATEVER. My heart has been doing weird stuff lately. I am putting together a will. I am getting things in order. And I am putting some STUFF away in the basement for the wife and kids to live on. Just in case.

Prepare for the worst. Hope and pray for the best. Work toward the future. Learn from the past. Be here now. Pull your head out of the sand and your thumb out of your ass. LOOK at what is coming in the future. It is there for all to see. You may have to THINK a bit, and use two or three of your brain cells. But it isn’t rocket surgery. Prepare for the worst. But hope for the best. And tell everyone that you love them. Today. Because you might not be able to do it tomorrow.

Get what I am saying?"


An anonymous reader wrote:

"I agree with you about the 2012 crap. I believe it's the various TV shows trying to get rating using "scare" tactics. WHo really they could predict the future? They are the same ones who would safrice a virgin to their "gods" so they would have good crops, beat their enemies in war, have nice weather, etc., and people believe them?

Some of the articles about New Orleans were unbelieveable. The people who were forced to go to the football statium and were unarmed ,and at the "mercy' of roving gangs that robbed, raped both women and children, stole their food and money, and a murder everyday!

So much for the government knowing whats best for you.

And why is it in a snowstorm, people who get stranded in their car, suddenly deceide to go walking? Stay in your car!

It's best to have survival retreat out in the country away from major metropolitian areas and on high ground.

Home school your kids.

Stop the Chinese government and the Saudi Arabia government from buying up USA farmland and USA ranchland. Only American citizens should be allowed to purchase American land!"

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  1. Two really good letter posted. Interesting information.
    Good posting.


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