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25 October, 2011

Can Hyperinflation Happen In The U.S.?

Can Hyperinflation Happen In The US? | Macro Outlook | Minyanville.com: "... The beginning of the end of the Weimar Republic was some 89 years ago... There is a stream of opinion that the US is headed for the same type of end. How else can it be, given that we owe some $75-80 trillion dollars in the coming years, over five times current GDP and growing every year? Remember the good old days of about five to six years ago (if memory serves me correctly) when it was only $50 trillion? With a nod to Ben Bernanke's helicopter speech, where he detailed how the Fed could prevent deflation, I ask the opposite question, 'Can 'it' (hyperinflation) really happen here?'..."

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