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07 November, 2011

More Earth Changes

We have talked here previously about the strange things that seem to be going on with the weather, climate, et cetera these days.  Among these seem to be a confluence of "unusual" earthquake activity.  Now, one can add Oklahoma to the list that includes Colorado and Virginia from just a few months ago.

We must understand, of course, that earthquakes in these areas are not unheard of, but what is unusual is that they suddenly seem to be occurring with a strange frequency unseen in recent times. Broadening our focus, one can also find a correlation with unusual quakes outside the U.S.: a Magnitude 6.6 quake hit in Indonesia not long ago uncomfortably close to the Lake Toba Super-Volcano; and, of course, who could ever forget the disastrous and tragic quake that struck Haiti in 2010, described as the strongest in 200 Years?

I could be crazy, but my instincts tell me something odd is happening, perhaps eventually culminating in an almost unthinkably horrendous future disaster.

I also find it interesting that this past weekend's quake in Oklahoma might have been predicted months ago.

1 comment:

  1. You are spot on. The relationship between these earthquakes and oil fracking is not a coincidence.



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