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27 January, 2012

Is Now The Time To Move Away From Major U.S. Cities?

Is Now The Time To Move Away From Major U.S. Cities?: "As the U.S. economy falls apart and as the world becomes increasingly unstable, more Americans than ever are becoming 'preppers'. It is estimated that there are at least two million preppers in the United States today, but nobody really knows. The truth is that it is hard to take a poll because a lot of preppers simply do not talk about their preparations. Your neighbor could be storing up food in the garage or in an extra bedroom and you might never even know it. An increasing number of Americans are convinced that we are on the verge of some really bad things happening. But will just storing up some extra food and supplies be enough? What is going to happen if we see widespread rioting in major U.S. cities like George Soros is predicting? What is going to happen if the economy totally falls to pieces and our city centers descend into anarchy like we saw in New Orleans during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina? In some major U.S. cities such as Detroit, looting is already rampant. There are some sections of Detroit where entire blocks of houses are being slowly dismantled by thieves and stripped of anything valuable. Sadly, the economy is going to get a lot worse than it is at the moment. So is now the time to move away from major U.S. cities? Should preppers be seeking safer locations for themselves and their families? Those are legitimate questions..."


  1. You need to consider the factors as well. Moving isn't just an easy option.

  2. I live in Alaska..and I'm presently selling my house and moving out to a warmer state. If the cities in the lower 48 won't be able to get supplies can you imagine what Alaska will look like after a week of no barge shipments?

    1. Yeah, Alaska is hugely-dependent on outside deliveries, which is why none of the books available on strategic relocation recommend it as a retreat locale. My advice is to stay clear of large cities, but definitely get out of Alaska, unless you're prepared to be truly independent and self-sufficient and live like Grisly Adams.


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