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27 February, 2012

Letter RE: "Post-EMP Boat Escape"

Reader Anthony K. from Bellingham, WA recently emailed with an interesting question: "Our bug out location is in the San Juan Islands and the ferries will obviously be down with an emp or dangerous social conditions. We have a rubber raft with oars but will need to travel 30 or more miles over open water possibly in inclement weather. Are outboard engines operable after emp or are there alternatives? I would appreciate your input."

As someone with no boating experience, I wasn't sure if an outboard engine would suffer the same effects as a car engine during an EMP. I did a little digging, though, and I believe any small outboard engines, lawnmower engines (2 or 4-stroke) would be okay. The reason being, simplified, is that EMP only fries integrated circuits and fuses. Older engines aren't computer driven, so I think they would still run.

1 comment:

  1. Try and find a copy of sailing the farm. It tells you how to live and thrive on a thirty foot sailboat. Worth a good look to bugging out for real.


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