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01 March, 2012

An Education In Uban Survival

There is many literature about what might happen or how SHTF could unfold. But there are also real examples we can learn from. One of the most interesting recent events that can be compared to TEOTWAWKI was the Balkan war.

Selco of SHTF School, who survived the war in the Balkan region during the 1990′s, recounts how everything changed once the enemy army surrounded his city and he and his family survived for one year cut off from the outside world. His account gives you an idea of the brutal nature of urban survival.

In his online course ( http://shtfschool.com/community/selco-one-year-in-hell/ -- see screenshot above) he shares the lessons he has learned and describes step by step how life changed beginning with all services shutting down, to seeing the first corpses on the streets and gangs roaming the city looking for resources.

You can learn the lessons Selco had to learn the hard way and besides listening to 8 hours of audio interviews with him, watch hands on videos of his supplies, check is current supply lists, read his survival guide and watch videos in which he describes his defense setup.

The cost for this course is $ 29.95 for regular subscribers and $ 19.95 if you subscribe to the newsletter (they send you a signup link in the first email). It is a bargain for the wealth of information they offer and highly recommended.

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