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07 July, 2012

Insane Storms

If you live anywhere other than under a rock, you're already familiar with the insane storms that have battered much of the country recently.  Our little homestead was right in the thick of it, but somehow fared better than many, including -- perhaps ironically -- the unfortunate Director of our state's Department of Homeland Security (whose wrecked home sits minutes from where I now type this).

We just got our internet access back in the last little bit and we're still trying to wade through the considerable backlog of emails, messages, etc., so if you've tried to get in touch with us and couldn't, that's why.  Thanks for the concern of those who tried to reach-out, and apologies to those awaiting responses, their comments to be approved, etc. 

We only lost power for one miserable night, luckily, but the net was out for 8 days -- and, living in a dead signal area, our cell phones are controlled via a little Microcell tower that runs off the high-speed internet... so no net = no cell either.  So, we've been, more or less, completely out of the proverbial loop.

Others are just now getting their lights back on or are still waiting in the dark, so, all-in-all, we were very fortunate.  A few downed trees on our acreage (blissfully, nowhere near the house or outbuildings), a little siding ripped off by the wind's fury, and some minor lifestyle inconveniences were the worst of it for us.  We were even fortunate enough that I was able to loan-out our generator to a family member who was without power and needed it to run his well-pump.

I'll write a more extensive account later RE: how being an emergency preparedness enthusiast (i.e. a Prepper) helped ease our particular experience, but that's the gist of it for now.  Good to be back with you folks!  :)


  1. I look forward to reading your narrative of this event. Particularly how a prepper helped YOU. It's awesome that you were able to loan out your gen too. Did you have to adjust your toilet habits as well?

  2. Actually, I may have worded that in such a way as to confuse you: it wasn't that another Prepper helped us; it was *BEING* Preppers that helped us -- we would've had a much more miserable time otherwise.

    As the toileting habits, I'll explain the exact logistics in more detail in the upcoming article, but, suffice it to say, we had no need to adjust anything here... though I have no doubt others did.

    I usually don't post on Sundays, but I'll try to get the article done and posted later this evening. :)


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