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03 October, 2012

Ammunition for Self Defense

Ammunition for Self Defense � DEFENSE FIREARMS BLOG: I found a great article written by anonymous that give some very good insight when choosing not only the brand, but type and caliber of self defense round. I personally carry either a .380 or 9mm and have been ridiculed for both. However, typically when you get into calibers that begin with “4″, your talking heavier guns and more to lug around...

... I personally believe the 9mm is a great carry round as it can be contained in a decent size handgun and with the proper ammunition (high grade hollow point), it will do it’s job to stop an attacker. Furthermore, when choosing a self defense round you should take into consideration the environment where you would potentially use your weapon. In other words, if you needed to use your firearm for protection, odds are there may be innocent people in the vicinity. A hollow point round is preferred as it is designed to stop on impact and the target absorbs most of the kinetic energy. Bottom line, once the round hits the target, it will most likely not go “in and out” and hit an innocent bystander...

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