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24 October, 2012

Back to the Basics: The Bug-Out-Bag

Back to the Basics: The Bug-Out-Bag - Backdoor Survival: Sometimes, even an experienced prepper needs to start over. In my own case, I put together a bug-out-bag way back when. I then dutifully hung it on a hook in the closet near my back door and other than an occasional update of documents and meds, pretty much left it alone. What a shame, or shall I say how lucky can I get that I did not need to use it.

The reason is a simple one. Since that date way back when, I have upgraded my gear, added to the basics and well, I simply have become more educated as to what my own particular requirements might be.

With that bit of background information, today I am going to go back to the basics and re-define my own bug-out-bag by merging the old with the new and starting fresh with the items that are included in the new kit I put together...

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