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03 October, 2012

Guest Post: Family Disaster Planning Reduces Stress in Times of Disasters

Best time to prepare a disaster plan for your family is long before any drastic situation heads your way. Beginning the initial process now by developing a disaster recovery plan will provide you and your family a less stressful situation in the event of an emergency.

Prepare for Natural Disasters 

Scores of natural disasters happen every year the United States. To reduce your family's stress in times of disaster, you need to know the type of risks possible in your area and develop an effective plan accordingly. Based on your locale, you need to understand any type of natural event that might impact your environment.

It is essential to determine and record the best source you will need to gather severe weather information. Your local and state government can provide official websites and phone numbers that will keep you continually updated in the event of a major disaster.

Prepare for Evacuation

In the event of a natural or environment disaster, you may be required to evacuate your home. To be ready to leave, you will need to ensure that your disaster preparedness plan has a variety of evacuation routes to ensure your family safety.

Determine a direct route to a variety of evacuation points including the exact location of the nearest shelter. Your local disaster preparedness agency, along with police and fire departments, should be able to help provide the location of shelters near your home. In the event the total evacuation, you may be required to leave your region. Be sure to secure information of destinations along the evacuation route or your family might stay until the situation is resolved.

Prepare a Support Network

Your master disaster recovery plan needs to include information on individuals that could help your family before, during and after a disaster event. Discussing and defining individual roles now will make expectations clear during the event. 

Research any expected support you might receive from the American Red Cross and FEMA should a disaster happen in your community. Gather detailed information on the process of how to report a claim on both your car and auto insurance companies. Formulate a detailed list of all important phone numbers of family, friends and your insurance claim office for both your car and house.

Pet Preparedness

Gather detailed and pertinent information if your local disaster shelter allows pets. If not, you will need to establish alternative plans, which might include a family member's home or a hotel. Prepare a pet disaster kit that includes your pet's medications, vaccination/health records, carrier, water, and leash.

Important Document Preparedness

Securing and maintaining your important documents are critical preparedness steps you will need to do before experiencing a natural or environmental disaster. Assembling all of your vital data, including emergency contact information, insurance papers, and documents are in a safe place, or secured online, will assure you that all pertinent documentation is available to put your family's life back on track.

Author Bio:

ClanGistics.com is an innovative emergency preparedness solution company that stores your important documentation and information on the cloud. Using the Internet they can easily store your family's vital data in an encrypted file on their SSL cloud server.

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